Colin making fudge no background

Newmans Foods began in 2007 after a bit of a set back in my career. I was unemployed and could not just sit down and feel sorry for myself.

I have always loved cooking and baking and so I started making Coconut Ice and Chocolate Coconut Squares.


Here I am making fudge.  This only developed after a year of baking
and of course finding the correct recipe.


In October 2009 I was blessed with a full time job, but I have maintained my love for baking. I could not do it alone anymore so I enlisted the help of my mom and dad.  They have been a great help in the family business.

Dad making coconut Ice no background

My mom makes the Marshmallows-on-a-Stick and the Rainbow Drops and is responsible for most of the packing and labeling of our products.

My dad is the man who makes the  old fashioned Coconut Ice and Peanut Clusters. 

 Here he is making the Coconut Ice


Marion, my beautiful wife, helps when she is not looking after our two daughters and two year old son.

She will fill in wherever it is needed, even if it means cleaning pots, tidying up or as you can see from the picture below, she is quite handy with a rolling pin.

Marion and the rolling pin 2oo


Marion showing how to roll Coconut Ice flat
(I have the utmost respect for a woman with a rolling pin)


My daughters are always willing to help although I insist that their school work comes first. I know they would much rather be helping me.

They are a delight to have around and both want to do everything for their daddy.

They help me with labelling and packing.


Gabriella Heat seal no background


Gabriella using the
heat seal machine


Lisa Labelling no background



Lisa putting the labels onto
the finished products





Gabby and Lisa offering products no background

Newmans Foods truely is a family business with each member playing their part. I thank God that He has blessed me with this family, who are so willing to help with the business. your social media marketing partner