Party smallDo you have a child who will soon be celebrating a birthday? Are you worried about the cost of entertaining a bunch of kids? By having the party at home you will save loads of money by not needing to rent a venue. You can also cut costs by providing your own food and playing traditional party games instead of hiring an entertainer. However, although it’s a thrifty option, there are some things you need to consider to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Invites & Numbers

• The birthday child should have a party that includes his or her best friends. Some parents have a rule to invite as many children as will equal the birthday child’s age plus one more. However, it is up to you to decide what an appropriate number is, depending on the size of your home and the number of adults who will be there to help you supervise. Bear in mind that parents of over 5s may not stay for the party.

• You will want to send out colorful invitations that will clearly state where and what day the party is being held, when it will start and what time it will be over. This is especially important so that parents know what time they have to return to collect their children.

• The party should last around two hours. This will provide enough time for food, fun and games.

• Be sure to mention on the invites what type of food you’ll be serving, especially if the party coincides with lunch or tea time. If the party is in the morning or early afternoon you could serve just a few snacks rather than a full meal.


• Party supplies are easy to come by and can be found at party supply stores and online. You will want to decorate the house very festively with crepe paper streamers, banners and balloons.

• In order to ensure that the entire home will not be invaded by active children, the party should take place in one location that will be spacious enough to hold the amount of children you will want to invite. A recreation room or den might work, or even the backyard if weather permits.

• Be certain that there are no breakable articles in the room where the party will take place. Washable slipcovers can be used to protect your furniture from food and drink spillage, and plastic runners can be placed on carpet to prevent stains.


• The food for a child’s birthday party should include the types of snacks that kids like eating, and some healthy options too. Ice cream, chips, pretzels, pizza, sandwiches and popcorn will probably all be enjoyed and are easy to prepare in advance.

• Of course, the birthday cake will be the highlight of the food table, and you could save a slice for each kid to take home in a goody bag.

• Think about where you have space to serve the food. Ideally the kids can eat around a table. If there’s no room to sit at a table, why not spread a blanket on the floor (or lawn if the weather’s fine) and have a picnic.

• It’s sensible to use unbreakable plates and bowls, or divide the food up into individual boxes.

Games & Favors

• You will want to be certain to include games that will be age appropriate and will give the children some form of entertainment during the event.

• Ideas include traditional favourites such as pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and pass the balloon.

• Party favors can also be handed out to the kids, and may include balloons, stickers, whistles, blowouts and cone hats. If the party is following a certain theme, such as a Spongebob party, then the favors can be items that will fit the theme.

If you want to ensure that your child has a wonderful birthday party, having it at home will give you the opportunity to do it yourself and save money. As long as you’re willing to put a little time and effort into the planning, your child will have a great time, and both of you will have lasting memories of a fun and festive day.

The above article was taken fromParenting Help Me

We have been giving our girls home parties for the last three years and it is a hit with them. You can theme up the place. We had an indoor outdoor party.

As long as you lay down the ground rules before you start and have the support of your spouse, it runs well and the kids have fun. your social media marketing partner