vanilla fudgeVanilla Fudge

This is a recipe that I picked up out of an old recipe book.  

It is a tasty treat that you will find difficult to put down.


Chocolate Fudge for Products





Chocolate Fudge

I had been making my vanilla fudge for quite awhile already and after numerous requests decided to add Chocolate fudge to my products

Peanut Clusters



Peanut Clusters

This is an old favourite that makes my mouth water.

Coconut Ice





Coconut Ice

Well now, need I say more about this classic. If you like coconut and you remember how mom used to make it, then you have to try it.







Three marshmallows on a stick, dipped in either brown or white chocolate and covered with hundreds-and-thousands or colourful sprinkles.

Delicious for kids and of course those adventurous adults





RRainbow Dropsainbow Drops

Chocolate buttons with sprinkles.  It couldn't be simpler and yet so yummy.

Products may vary in colour and size from photo's

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